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Is CBD Oil Addictive?

CBD oil is more popular than ever, and millions of Americans are now using this substance on a regular basis. It’s safe, it’s widely available, and its popularity is showing no signs of slowing down. But do those CBD users have anything to worry about? Will they get addicted to CBD following regular use? If

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How To Read A CBD Oil COA Lab Test

The certificate of analysis (COA) is ubiquitous in the CBD industry. Reputable brands use them to verify the legitimacy and potency of their products, and they also tell consumers exactly what they are buying. But how do you read a COA? What exactly should you be looking for and what do all those terms and

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Hemp harvesting on Rhine bank

The History Of The Hemp Plant In The US

Hemp plants have been cultivated for thousands of years and have played a major role in human history. But when was hemp first used, what was it used for, and when did it first come to the United States of America? What Is The History Of The Hemp Plant? Archaeological evidence discovered on the Oki

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CBD Terpenes Vs Flavonoids

When you think of cannabis compounds, you probably picture CBD and THC. One is psychoactive, the other is not. One is federally legal; the other is only legal in some states. They are vastly different, equally interesting, and constitute a sizeable percentage of the organic compounds within cannabis. But there are actually over 500 different

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CBD Oil Dropping Into Bottle

What Is The Difference Between Hemp Extract And Hemp Seed Oil?

Hemp extract, hemp seed oil, CBD oil, CBG oil—at times, the legal hemp industry can seem like a minefield of names, labels, and abbreviations. All these products begin with the cannabis plant, but their final composition, as well as their legal status and recreational value, can differ considerably. So, what’s the difference between hemp extract

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Hemp plant at sunset

What Is The Difference Between Marijuana and Hemp?

If it looks like marijuana, smells like marijuana, and tastes like marijuana, it can only be one thing, right? Not quite. Hemp ticks all of those boxes, but it’s not marijuana. As the legal hemp market continues its rapid growth, an increasing number of consumers are querying the differences between hemp and cannabis. If they

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CBD oil bottles with shadows

How Is Full-Spectrum CBD Different From CBD Isolate?

A friend has recommended that you try CBD. It worked for them and they think it will work for you. But after visiting your friendly local retailer, you’re faced with an assortment of options. It’s not just “CBD”. It’s “Full-Spectrum CBD Oil”, “Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil”, “CBD Isolate”, and all kinds of edibles and smokables made

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Aspen Green's best natural products surrounded by hemp leaves

Aspen Green Wins Best Natural Product Brand

Aspen Green is proud to announce that it has been awarded the inaugural “Best Natural Product Brand” by PM360.  The award was accepted by Brandon Lewis, President & CEO, in a virtual event of PM360’s Trailblazer Awards.  Mr. Lewis remarked, “We’re honored to be the first recipient of this prestigious award.  We want to thank the entire

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