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Best Full Spectrum CBD Oil

I have used many CBD oils in the past and hands down in my opinion Aspen Green makes the best CBD oil and Cream for various things that I deal with daily basis. It's not the least expensive but worth the money. Highly recommend Aspen Green products

Customer service is the best!

Customer service continues to work with us to ensure correct usage for optimal results.

Great product!

I have been using Aspen Green product for about 3 years now, it’s been very helpful with various health issues I have has helped a great deal. Also I tried different oils and they just don’t work as well for me. This is by far then best cbd oil on the market!

I guess we'll just have to see.

Sometimes you have to wait until you find what's best for you!!!!.


I am so impressed with the attention to high quality packaging detail. Bottles are sturdy; droppers clear and easy to use; mailed packages show every precaution to avoid spillage or breakage. I like the subtle peppermint taste I selected, and I find the oil consistency different from other brands. I have great confidence in this product.


Really helps my torn shoulder muscle.

The Aspen Green staff is knowledgeable and helpful. The product is excellent. I began taking 3000 mg full spectrum CBD oil a couple months ago in order to treat extreme anxiety and sleep issues. As an eight-year plus caregiver to a husband with the debilitating disease of early onset dementia, I was desperate for relief. I am pleased with the results of a more calm countenance in the face of long term stress and I am grateful to Aspen Green for their assistance and excellent product. I also appreciate the reassurance that it is organic and second party tested.

Thank you so much for sharing this amazing review, Laureen! We’re so flattered to have helped you find relief. Thanks again for your kind words.

This is a a great quality company. I love the balm for [Condition Omitted] relief. The Aspen Green full spectrum 3000 is awesome. I will keep using it.

Thank you so much for choosing Aspen Green, Karen! We really appreciate it.

I ordered the Citrus 2000 mg full spectrum extract for the purpose of weight loss and as a possible mood lifter and am happy to report that this is a really great product! I was nervous (and skeptical) about the cost and whether it would actually work but I did some research and Aspen and their full-spectrum products seemed the best fit for me.That said, I am fairly sensitive to drugs and found that using an extract helped me find the correct dosage for me. I ended up using only a quarter of the extract each day and that was enough.The extract is a very lightweight liquid that disperses in seconds. The taste is a cross between citrusy and herbally. I really dislike the taste of hemp and this product does not have a heavy hemp taste at all and it doesn't linger in your mouth for long.The product does take a couple of weeks or so to work. In the last month, happily I have lost some weight (a few pounds)! But most exciting and unexpected has been the increase in mental focus as well as the gentle mood lift! I get so much accomplished, and I feel a bit more cheerful and am sleeping well too. The extract doesn't work like regular drugs where you can feel the effect taking place. It's just sort of like an imperceptible feeling of well-being that you get and that's the nicest part of taking it.I have ordered more of the product in the mint flavor to try that one as well. Aspen's shipping turn-around is quick and easy. Hope this is helpful to those looking for this type of product.

Thank you very much for your honest, detailed review, Kathy! We sincerely appreciate your feedback. All the best.

We have tried other brands of CBD but Aspen Green 3000 works for us. I have contacted customer service and could not have been more pleased with the quality of customer service and the quality of their products.

Thank you so much for the wonderful feedback, Robert. This is greatly appreciated.

We have tried other brands of CBD but Aspen Green 3000 works for us. I have contacted customer service and could not have been more pleased with the quality of customer service and the quality of their products.

I recently had COVID-19 and the body aches were pretty severe. I was taking extra strength Tylenol but it really wasn’t doing much for them. I rubbed my neck, upper back, lower back and arms with the body balm 1000mg and they were gone almost instantly! I recently had "The Vid" and the body aches were pretty severe. I was taking extra strength [OTC Brand Omitted] but it really wasn’t doing much for them. I rubbed my neck, upper back, lower back and arms with the body balm 1000mg and they were gone almost instantly! I only had a small amount left, so when it was gone I used the muscle cooling cream 1000mg and it had the same results! It allowed me to get much needed rest and the ability to feel well enough to help care for the rest of my family who were also sick. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for relief from body aches related to physical activity or viral causes! Bonus, no weird smell or slimy coating on the skin. It absorbs very well and works quickly!

Seems to help me sleep little better, and also with pain . Not sure why but after a week of use oils seem to puddle up in container. Maybe the separation is ok. Right now I’m using the 3000 mg oil and it works great. Really relaxing for a good night sleep. But just good for about 6 hrs. Great product

Purchased a solid product at a great price so we can't complain. To have 3000MG of CBD in a 30ML bottle is ideal for us. We'd rather have a concentrated dose so we can just take a few drops. Thought we had an issue with delivery which ended up working out but their customer service was spot on. They're affiliated with Realm of Caring also.

Thank you so much for sharing this amazing review, Alan! We really appreciate it.

The Aspen Green Moisturizing Body Butter feels so luxurious! I use it on my face and hands both at nighttime and in the morning! I love that it's made in Colorado which is where I live.

Thank you so much for the positive feedback, Jen! We are so happy to hear that.

I have just started the Full Spectrum 1000 and feel some good results. Btw. Best customer service! Seriously!

Love the pain relief balm! Delivery was consistent and secure. Product is consistent and effective. Love that you offered a labor day special

Thank you very much for the five stars, Maria!

Full Spectrum CBD Oil (3000mg)
Noelle DeWitt Pierrat

I love the mint flavor of the 3000mg tincture, and use it every night. Very easy purchasing experience, fast delivery and an overall amazing product!

Thank you very much for your kind words, Noelle! We won’t settle for less than the best for you!

The Aspen team has great customer service and is highly responsive to any issues. I use the Full Spectrum 3000mg CBD oil. It has been a tremendous help for my [Condition Omitted] condition. It has greatly reduced my pain. It has also helped me to sleep better. Best of all it kept me from catching COVID-19. My son came home with it a month ago and immediately gave it to my wife. I was maskless sitting in the same room with them for 2 weeks, and never caught the virus. The company can’t advertise this fact, but it is the complete truth. I am a big believer in their products.

We’re so flattered to have helped you find relief. Thank you very much for the kind words.

The cooling cream totally helped my wrist and hand [Condition Omitted]. As a musician, this helped me continue playing while recovering. Thanks and totally recommended!!!!!

Thank you very much for your support, Louis! We sincerely appreciate it.

Started using the 2000mg oil for better night sleep and couldn't be happier with results. Highly recommend and plan on using for the foreseeable future.

Thank you so much for the positive feedback, Ryan!

I normally take medical CBD. The only company that carried the medical CBD tincture I needed was unable to produce more at this time. I was hesitate to purchase Aspen Green as it was not medical. What do I have to lose? I bought only one bottle because I know better. After using the 3000mg Aspen Green, I am not concerned if the medical CBD is produced or not. Aspen Green changed my life. I am balanced once again. Actually, I feel as though it actually works better then the Medical CBD.(My opinion). How did I use it? Tore open the packaging as though my life depended on it (I actually felt like a werewolf when the moon appears) and promptly dropped 5 drops under my tongue. About an hour or less I felt the change. What works for me, I drop 5 drops under my tongue about three times a day the last dosage an hour before bedtime. I am not going to let you go without saying everyone is different. I am monitored by a doctor as several conditions exist which have been resolved. Always, always check with your doctor. The best of health to you all and much happiness. Thank you, Father. Thank you Aspen Green for this incredibly clean product

Tried a couple different creams, and they work good during the day, but at night I still wake up after a hour or two. Tried the 3000mg full spectrum extract. Now I can sleep most of the night, and only get up once, instead of 4 or 5 times. My fitbit sleep score went from low to mid 70's to low to mid 80's, and a 92 once. It's been 3 months, and it's still working. I'm also able to cut back on my [Condition Omitted] meds. Outstanding. Thanks Aspen Green

As a veteran too who served 28 yrs, this helps me get a very good sleep throughout the night; I've used the 3000mg - highly recommend - thank you sincerely!

We are incredibly grateful for your review. Thank you so much for choosing us! We love feedback like your with your son! It's why we do what we do! Our best, from the Aspen Green Team!

Started using Aspen Green CBD 3000mg 9 months ago. Fantastic results! My anxiety and [Condition Omitted] issues have all vanished! Much more effective than any SSRI I ever tried! The pain relief balm was also a game changer for me! Tried physical therapy for over five months in an attempt to relieve my tennis elbow pain. The Aspen Green pain relief balm was immediately effective in bringing pain relief from my chronic tennis elbow! I give Aspen Green my highest recommendation!

James, you are amazing. Thank you for sharing your experience and results. We are happy to have you as a customer! Heather and the Aspen Green Team

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