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I’m a fan

I received my Aspen Green Relief Cooling Crème a month ago and I’m a fan. I’ve shared it with family and friends and they too are pleased with the results.

Rest gummies

Love!! Ordered the 3 pack rest gummies to test out and will be buying the full bag this time!

Good Life

The Relief gummies really work. My ole aching body feels better and I
get restful better too. Thanks,

Works Well

Tried lots of other products to alleviate intermittent inflammation in shoulder. This cream worked the best. Will definitely keep using it.

Great product!

I love the Relief gummies! They have helped my lower back pain.

The Name Says It All

I have tried several CBD products from various brands and this one, by far, is my favorite. The blend is perfect for rest and relaxation. I use this blend at night and wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and ready for my day. I would highly recommend this product.

Great product and company!

After reading several reviews of various CBD companies and also considering company values, I found my way to Aspen Green. I’m sleeping well, able to mentally wind down, and wake up feeling mostly ready to go. I’m still experimenting with how long before bedtime to take this, but really enjoying the Bliss flavor and results.

Calm cool collected

Taking the calm gummies gives you a nice even easy going semi euphoric feeling. Very nice, almost like a slight buzz. In control and feeling good.

Best sleep aid I've found to date!

I started using these full-spectrum gummies about five months ago and have been extremely impressed. Although I have been using CBD to help me improve my restful state for about five years, there were nights where it just wasn't doing the trick -- I still ended up having difficulty falling asleep or else would have such poor quality sleep that I would toss & turn and wake up exhausted. After reading an article in Forbes magazine that rated Aspen Green gummies very highly, I decided to try them. I was a little nervous about the THC, because I didn't want to feel high, I just wanted better sleep. It took a little experimenting, but I discovered that starting with 1/4 of a gummy was perfect, then after a couple of weeks I moved up to a half. Nowadays I take half a gummy on a normal-feeling night and a whole gummy if I feel anxious or can't get to feeling sleepy fast enough. Microdosing the THC this way is perfect for me -- I get to sleep quickly, sleep deeply and wake refreshed like normal without any of the ill-effects higher doses of THC can cause the morning after (sluggishness, etc). I've become a big proponent of microdosing for better sleep, and these gummies work perfectly -- large enough that they're easy to bite in half and tasty enough that I look forward to taking them. 10 out of 10, would recommend!

Better than expected!

Wished I tried them sooner! The taste takes a little getting used to but other than that I would highly recommend this product. Total bliss!

restful within 30 minutes

I recently transitioned from smoking thc and was looking for a healthier habit to help me sleep. The first time I tried the sleep gummies, I noticed within 30 minutes I was already feeling ready for bed. I tried the sample first and now plan to order the full container.

Relief and Relaxation

I decided to try these gummies for temporary back pain and couldn’t be happier. My mood improves and my pain is manageable. Highly recommend.

Really promotes a restful sleep

Calm to save the day!

I tried a few of the other items and they were too strong with me, spoke to Aspen rep who suggested Calm and it was the perfect match for me, very satisfied with this one. If you experience occasional anxiety or sensitive to THC, this is the one you need.

Great customer service

My husband tried Relief Cooling Cream which turned out to be ineffective for his needs. The customer service agent was beyond helpful and caring..
She suggested we call the Realm of Caring to assist us in finding the best method of dealing with his type of pain.

Relief at last

Used several times now; truly did help relieve the discomfort in my head and temporary pain. It's now a "must have" to keep on hand. Glad to know that it is dye-free and, overall, a clean product. I've purchased many pain relief items over the years, nearly all did not live up to expectations. For those on the fence: This is one that's definitely worth trying.


Love the oil. Take it at night and rest is improved, the temporary pain I was having in my knee is gone and definitely has greatly helped me relax. Thinking clearer so it has helped that aspect.


I hadn't had any experience with any cannabis-related products until this one. I researched journal articles and anecdotal evidence on the potential positive effects of CBD oil, so I decided to try it. I did further research to find a product that was organic, gluten-free, and not processed using chemicals or harsh/harmful methods that would strip the oil of its active/effective components.

I found Aspen Green and tried their regular full-spectrum CBD oil. However, after almost a month of daily use, I have not noticed any effects, positive or negative. I won't be ordering the regular-strength full-spectrum CBD oil again. But, because the dosage is dependent on the individual, I've decided to try the extra-strength version to see if the 33-mg dosage of the regular-strength version was just too low.

Works amazing

Taking 1ml 2 hours before bed and I feel so relaxed, occasional neck pain is gone and I sleep like a baby regularly-as one should.

Calming and sleep-inducing

I sleep like a baby

Stomach issues from added ingredients

I was taking this for stomach issues that came up, but the added ingredients irritated my stomach. However, customer service was awesome, and offered a couple others to try instead. So I tried CALM and love it!

CBD Cooling Cream

Love the cbd cc. Great for everyday aches and pains and muscle soreness. Tried other otc brands and Aspen Green is exactly what I’ve been looking for!

I love this stuff! I have terrible issues sleeping sometimes, and this really helps.

Great product for pain management!

I decided to try this tincture in effort to help control temporary back issues, and support recovery from complicated surgery about 7 weeks ago. This stuff makes a huge difference. As you would expect, it takes a little bit to get fully in your system but once it is, I feel there is a nice overall balance of relief carrying my through - so taking multiple additional products on a regular basis isn't as necessary. I feel its so much better to use an organic, natural product - especially when it works! Does this replace all my pain meds? No, but I am very happy with how this product has helped me to bridge the gap while on the "heavy" stuff. I will be re-ordering again today! Thank you!!

CBD Expert Set
Branko Njegovan

Products are exceptional quality. Will be ordering more soon .

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BUY 1, GET 1 FREE! Buy any CBD oil and get the second one free Use code: ASPENBOGO

Sale runs through 10/24/23 at 11:59pm PT. Cannot be combined with other offers.Promotional Exclusions