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Our Story

Aspen Green is deeply committed to the science of providing only the purest CBD products for the best results and most beneficial experience.

Our mission is to bring the medicinal value of pure, organic, full-spectrum CBD to good people who seek supplemental relief from ailments, discomfort, and unease through the use of healthy, natural products.

We hold in high regard 3 foundational principles that guide every aspect of our business, actions, and interactions with our customers, partners, and the community: QUALITY, INTEGRITY, and TRANSPARENCY. These will always remain at the heart of our efforts to bring our beneficial products to you.
Sunset over hemp plants


We care about the products we create because we care about the people who put their trust in our products to help improve their health and wellness.

We see many companies that sell CBD and hemp products who won’t tell you where or how their hemp is grown. Origin, harvesting, extraction methods, purity, quality, strength, spectrum, and certifications are not treated by all companies as important. Some even import their hemp from China as a cheap way to jump on the CBD bandwagon. Some cut corners. Some play loose with the truth. The Aspen Green partners are fully involved in the creation and delivery of every product we offer, from seed to soil to harvest, extraction, formulations, and packaging. We’ve taken care to build strong partnerships with the best farms in Colorado, because the Colorado Rocky Mountains are a premier region with the perfect topography and climate for growing the finest quality, phytonutrient-rich hemp and cannabis.
  • Our hemp plants are grown organically under strict, clean farming conditions
  • Our purity experts extract, filter, and process our hemp to meet stringent standards of purity
  • Full-spectrum extraction ensures that beneficial alkaloids, terpenes, and flavonoids are captured in every bottle and jar
  • Every product we make is free of toxins, which means it is free of ingredients suspected to have short- or long-term negative effects on the health and safety of users or on the environment
  • Our products are tested by third-party laboratories to ensure the phytocannabinoid counts are accurate so you know the product IN the package is the product ON the package

We do these things because we truly wish to eliminate the stigma from this awesome medicinal plant, and separate our carefully crafted, high-performing wellness products from those that go untested, lack certification, or deliver less than full-spectrum goodness.

The Lewis and Chong families standing together.


Brandon & Heather Lewis and Kyle & Valerie Chong are the founders of Aspen Green. Brandon and Kyle grew up together in Miami, FL, and have been great friends since age 12. They graduated together from Florida State University. Over the past 20 years, they have owned and operated successful businesses together. Heather has had a zest for natural remedies & homeopathic medicines for over 20 years, while Valerie is passionate about clean health and beauty products as a result of her own experience. They are kindred families who are now satisfying their passion to help people find healthy, natural alternatives to address their health and wellness needs.
Brandon Lewis

Brandon Lewis

For more than 20 years, Brandon has been a strong believer in the need to decriminalize and legalize marijuana. His desire to make a difference in the cannabis and hemp community has grown, and he is now in a position to do good for the movement and advocate for farmers who’ve faced numerous hurdles. Brandon spends a great deal of time attending conferences where he gets to know growers and supporters of the cause. He has built beneficial relationships with physicians who lead training and educational seminars so he can learn everything he can about the benefits of this inspiring herb.
Kyle was born and raised in Jamaica. He grew up viewing hemp & cannabis as simple household medicinal herbs. Cannabis & hemp grew wild on his family’s property and they often used it to help alleviate ailments and agitations of many sorts. After moving to the United States, Kyle realized that hemp & cannabis are misunderstood here, and that both could bring new opportunities for people in need to address a range of health issues. Brandon and Kyle have long recognized the need for more caring, health-conscious companies to get involved. They decided Aspen Green was the perfect way for them to guide the hemp movement toward greater purity and transparency. They committed to deliver only natural, healthy products that people can trust.
Kyle Chong

Kyle Chong

Valerie Chong

Valerie Chong

Co-Founder & Product Development
Kyle’s wife Valerie is also an integral member of the Aspen Green family. Valerie was introduced to Kyle by Brandon and his wife, Heather. Valerie brings a long-standing devotion to clean health and beauty products as a result of her experience as the proprietor of an organic, plant-based skincare line since 2015. Her research and work have made it clear to Valerie that there are very few regulations regarding the use of toxic chemicals in beauty and skincare products, and that many companies are willing to use that to their advantage. Valerie has aligned her passion for clean products with the Aspen Green mission to create the highest quality hemp products that can change lives and also be safe, clean, organic, and always toxic-free.
Heather grew up in North Carolina where she and her family had access to fresh fruits and vegetables from their garden and local sources. From a young age, Heather was taught the value of quality ingredients and the importance of whole food nutrition. After Heather and Brandon married and started their family, Heather took it upon herself to invest in her family’s health and wellness with organic foods and holistic supplements. She believes that everything your body needs for health and wellness can come from plants. She has immersed herself in learning all she can about hemp and cannabis, and its benefits to the human body. Heather spent many years homeschooling their twin boys, and she always places education as a high priority. Since the company’s inception, Heather’s made it her mission to provide quality training and education about hemp to everyone who partners with Aspen Green.
Heather Lewis

Heather Lewis

Co-Founder & Product Development

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