Can You Take CBD Oil And CBD Gummies At The Same Time?

Is it okay to consume multiple CBD products at the same time?

What if you run out of the CBD and still have some gummies? What if you want to combine them and double the intake? What if you mistakenly consume a gummy after a few CBD oil drops?

Let’s find out!

Can You Take CBD Oil and CBD Gummies Together?

If you stay within the legal, recommended intake, there should be no harm in consuming CBD oil at the same time as CBD gummies.

There are some caveats, though.

Firstly, if you’re new to CBD products you should refrain from combining them. Stick with the smallest recommended amount from a CBD oil or gummy, assess your tolerance, and then go from there.

If you discover that you can tolerate that amount but would like a little more, consider increasing it.

Secondly, refrain from taking multiple products and large quantities if you’re taking prescription medications or have a preexisting health condition. In such cases, it’s best to contact your healthcare provider before using CBD.

Caution is also advised if you’re not very good at keeping track of how much CBD you have consumed.

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Taking Multiple CBD Products

If 2 drops of oil have the same amount as 2 gummies, consider taking 1 drop of oil and 1 gummy. That way, you’re still getting the same amount, but from two different CBD products.

Not only is this a good way to use up different products on your shelves, but it could also prolong the results.

Taking CBD oil on or under the tongue and then swallowing it can produce results within several minutes and these should last for a couple of hours. Taking CBD in the form of a CBD gummy could take 30 minutes or more to take effect.

What are the Risks of Combining CBD Products?

When taking multiple CBD products, it’s very easy to consume more than you need. 

There are a few issues with this:

You May Experience Adverse Reactions

Just because CBD is generally well-tolerated doesn’t mean that it won’t cause adverse reactions. And the more that you consume, the more likely you are to experience such issues.

In unnecessarily heavy amounts, CBD oil and CBD gummies may cause nausea, diarrhea, gastrointestinal discomfort, headaches, and irritability.

These adverse reactions are not fatal and they are rarely severe, but they’re not comfortable, either, and they can be minimized by adhering to a suitable and well-tolerated intake.

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It’s Not Cost-Effective

A high-quality CBD oil will typically cost you in excess of $100 for a 4-week supply. If you add CBD edibles to the mix, you could be looking at over $200 a month just to consume a serving of each every day.

There is no harm in alternating between the two. You could take CBD oils for one month and CDB edibles for the next, all while staying within the recommended amount. But if you’re taking servings of both every day it can get very expensive.

The Results May Change

More isn’t always better. Just because 1 drop hits the spot doesn’t mean that 2 drops will be even better and that 4 drops will change your life.

It’s easy to slip into this mindset, but it can cause problems. It could be that 1 drop is ideal for your needs but increasing the amount just increases the risk.

You might go from feeling calmer and more at ease to feeling anxious. Adverse reactions are rare with CBD, but if you get what you need with a small amount, why would you increase it?

Can You Take CBD Oil and Hemp Oil At the Same Time?

The term “hemp oil” can refer to full-spectrum hemp extracts, which may include large quantities of CBD and other cannabinoids, as well as hemp seed oil, which is extracted from hemp seeds and contains very little CBD.

You can use hemp seed oil with CBD oil and other CBD products but should always check the labels to make sure you know exactly what you have.

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Can You Take Too Much CBD?

It’s often said that you can’t overdose on CBD, but that’s not entirely true. You can overdose on everything, including water (a condition known as hyperhydration or water intoxication) and when a product is extracted, the risk is even greater.

There are a couple of numbers we need to focus on here.

The first is 1,500mg, which is the amount of CBD that the human body can safely tolerate over the course of a day.

For reference, many premium, full-spectrum CBD oils contain 3,000mg and are designed to last for 4 weeks or more. Needless to say, consuming half a bottle in a single day would be a irresponsible amount and not something that happens by accident.

Even if you exceed this amount, it doesn’t mean that anything bad will happen to you. The research simply suggests that humans can safely tolerate up to 1,500mg a day. It doesn’t mean they will overdose if they exceed this amount, although adverse reactions are certainly more likely.

The second is 20,000mg or between 15,000 and 20,000mg to be specific. 

This is the LD50 of CBD in monkeys when allowing for the average human body weight.

But of course, we’re not monkeys. Our genetic makeup is similar, but we’re not the same. Also, these amounts were given intravenously, as opposed to orally.

Even if we take the lower end of that estimation and discount the fact that we’re a different species and you’re not injecting CBD, that’s still a massive 5 bottles of full-strength oil that you’d need to consume to reach those dangerous levels.

Needless to say, while CBD overdoses are possible, the amounts needed are very high.

Can You Combine CBD Products from Different Brands?

There is nothing wrong with mixing CBD brands. For example, if you take 10 mg twice a day, you can take 10mg of CBD oil from Brand A in the morning and 10mg of CBD oil from Brand B in the evening.

For best results, make sure the oils are the same type of CBD, such as full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or CBD isolate.

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