Can CBD Help My Cat Relax?

A cat sleeps resting his head on a towel

Is your cat anxious and unsettled? Does it have separation issues? Is it acting like one of those uncontrollable felines on My Cat From Hell? Cat CBD oil could help.

Cat CBD oil is simply a type of CBD oil formulated with our feline friends in mind. It’s considered low-risk, widely tolerated, and could help your cat to calm down.

But how much CBD oil should you give them, is it suitable for all cats, and what results can you expect to see?

Can You Give Cats CBD Oil To Calm Them Down?

You can definitely give your cat CBD and it may help to calm them down.

There is a lot of anecdotal evidence concerning the use of CBD products on pets, and this is supported by animal studies. Does that mean CBD oil will miraculously tame your cat? No, but it could work and it’s completely harmless.

Of course, whether you can actually get your cat to take CBD oil is a different matter entirely.

If a cat doesn’t want to do something, it won’t do it, and no amount of coaxing or treats will convince it otherwise. They’re always not big drinkers so you can’t simply add an oil or extract to water or cat milk.

However, getting your cat to take CBD oil is much easier than you might think.

Cat CBD oil is made using a base oil, known as a “carrier oil”. This helps to increase the bioavailability while also serving to dilute the CBD. It’s oily and fatty, and so it mixes perfectly with the oils from a fatty piece of fish, such as a sardine.

You can also mix it with a little tuna juice (avoid tuna with brine) or some lickable treats.

By mixing CBD oil with your cat’s food, you’ll ensure that every drop is consumed. Cats love those fatty fish oils and so they’ll lick the bowl until it’s dry!

Full-spectrum CBD oils can have a stronger and gassier flavor than CBD isolate due to the additional cannabinoids and terpenes, but fish oil is strong enough to mask the taste.

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How Much CBD Oil Does It Take To Relax A Cat?

The best CBD oil directions for use for cat anxiety is between 1 and 5 mg for a typical 10-pound cat. You can adjust this amount based on your cat’s body weight.

To begin with, start with the smallest recommended amount to assess tolerance. Monitor your cat, see how they react, and if everything is fine, and their anxiety symptoms are still prominent, you can consider increasing the amount.

This method will prevent any adverse reactions. It also means you can find the lowest possible therapeutic amount, giving you more bang for your buck and giving you somewhere to go if you ever need to increase the amount.

Will Pet CBD Oil Have the Same Effects as Catnip?

Cats have a very unique reaction to catnip, and it’s one that can differ greatly from one animal to the next. Some cats will roll around, knead the air, and generally act like cute little stoners. Others have the opposite reaction and will start running around the home, climbing the walls, and attacking their toys.

There are also those who completely ignore catnip and don’t have any reaction whatsoever when they smell/eat it.

CBD oil will not produce a similar “high” as it doesn’t possess any psychoactive properties. If it works for your cat, they may appear more relaxed and content, but they won’t be “high”.

Is CBD Oil Okat for Cats?

CBD oil is considered to be generally okay for cats. There are a few potential issues, though, as well as a few reactions to look out for:

  • Avoid Alcohol: Alcohol is toxic for cats, so avoid CBD extracts that contain alcohol. It’s used in very small amounts, but it’s still best to avoid it when there are alternative options available.
  • Use a Pet CBD Oil: Pet measurements are much lower than human measurements and are carefully formulated to avoid ingredients that may be harmful. Always use these products and don’t just give your cat the CBD oil you’ve been using.
  • Stick with the Directions for Use: Always check the recommended amount on the label and give your cat the right amount. Bear in mind that the usage amount will depend on the weight of your cat.
  • Keep Them Away from Treats: If you’re using CBD edibles, keep them locked away so crafty cats can’t get their paws on them. Your cat doesn’t know it’s beneficial, only that it tastes good, so it might consume an unhealthy amount.
  • Watch for Adverse Reactions: Keep an eye on your pet after they consume CBD oil. Look for adverse reactions like drowsiness, vomiting, upset stomach, and anything that seems out of the ordinary. Contact a vet if you witness such issues.
  • Speak with Your Vet First: If your cat has any severe allergies, health issues, or takes medication, contact your vet before starting a course of CBD oil.  The best expert is a Cannabis Veternarian.
  • Be Patient: CBD oil may take some time to work and you won’t always notice improvements from one day to the next. Be patient, and give it time to work before you consider increasing the usage amount.

You should also be careful when using products that contain THC. 

THC is very harmful to cats above a certain amount. If you’re using legal CBD oil, including full-spectrum CBD oil, it will contain 0.3% or less THC, which is not enough to cause harm.

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Does CBD Do Anything For Cats?

Anecdotal reports suggest that CBD oil could help with your cat’s anxiousness, making it calmer and more content. Every cat responds differently, though, and there is no guarantee it will work.

There are other natural compounds to consider if CBD oil doesn’t work. You can talk about these natural treatments with your vet.

Can I Give My Cat CBD Products with Medications?

If your cat is already taking medication, whether for chronic pain, anxiety symptoms, or an infection, consult your vet before giving them CBD oil. 

Does CBD Make Cats Sleepy?

Cats spend most of the day sleeping, and they also like to sleep after they eat, so it can be hard to know if CBD oil is making them sleepy. It might make them calmer and more relaxed, though, and it could also increase the length of time they spend sleeping.

Stick with a CBD oil for cats, follow the directions for use, and monitor the symptoms. If you notice anything unusual, consider reducing the amount or getting some advice from your vet.

Can Cat Owners Take CBD Oil For Cats?

Cats shouldn’t take CBD oil designed for humans and humans shouldn’t take CBD oil designed for cats. With the former, there is a chance they will take too much and experience adverse reactions. With the latter, you may not be getting an adequate about of CBD.

Although mixing products like this can seem like a cost-effective solution, it’s definitely not something we would recommend.

Buy a high-quality full-spectrum CBD oil for yourself and a premium CBD oil for cats. The latter can also be given to your pet dog, though they may need a different amount if they are significantly heavier/lighter than your cat.

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